7UG - Ulla Gmeiner

7UG - 7UG – Innovative Art Materials

So far, the following materials have been published:

4 DVDs about experimental techniques in acrylic and oil painting (available at Amazon, Boesner, Gerstaecker and in the studio)
20 texture stencils for Mixed Media Artists (available on Amazon under the label 7UG)

The 7UG Essence (available here or at Amazon under the label 7UG)
8 different 7UG structure pastes (available in the studio and soon at Amazon)

More DVDs are planned.


Description of the individual DVDs:

In the detailed and informative animation tutorials, various experimental techniques and images are shown and explained step by step in an easy-to-follow manner.

1. Structures with paper
2. Reactions with oil in acrylic
3. Textures with film
4. Combinations with gauze and structure paste 

 DVrimentelle Techniken in der Acryl- und Ölmalerei

On the 2nd DVD of the series “experimental techniques in acrylic and oil painting”, four more workshops are presented.

Once again in front of a rolling camera, four paintings are created step-by-step using mixed media with a variety of techniques and materials.

The topics include the effect of lac and airbrush ink on aluminium foil, 

marble powder as a base for different structure pastes, coffee grounds with effective cracking, bark-like structures with hemp fibre as well as the use of pigments.

All techniques are detailed and easily understandable.ira

cge Version: deutsch/englisch

DVD 3DVD mit 3 Workshops

On their third DVD, the artists present three more workshops on experimental painting:

In addition to acrylics and oil paint, they use materials such as marble dust, aluminium fragments, hemp fibre, gauze, jute yarn and fabric, airbrush ink, structure pastes and plastic wrap to create new experimental textures.

Besides brushes and painting knives, the two artists also use a linoleum pressing roller in order to achieve refined effects on the canvas.

This results in three vibrant images that are shown in a step-by-step manner that is easily comprehensible and well explained.

The DVD is bilingual (German/English).

It is in HD quality and can be played in a computer.


DVD 4DVD mit 3 Workshops

On the 4th DVD, three more workshops are presented.

Both artists use different materials such as broken egg shells, jute fabric, structure paste, marble powder and airbrush ink.
They work with pigments, acrylic and oil paints on canvas and inspire to use even more unusual material for artistic works. 

Three fascinating images are created in a colourfully vigorous, expressive style.

The DVD is bilingual (German/English). It is in HD quality and can be played in a computer.