Ulla Gmeiner

Studio and gallery in the former wallpaper factory (Tapetenfabrik) in Bonn, Germany

Federal Association of Artists BBK Bonn / Rhein-Sieg

Art Group Art7 Bonn
Art Association Bad Godesberg

Vernissage atelier, Heidelberg
Gallery Carré d'Artistes, exhibitions in Paris, Bonn and Cologne
mobile art europe, Heidelberg / Digital Photo Art / iphoneography
Artists’ Initiative 1/gang, Bonn
FJK Promotional Association Young Art; Exhibition "yellow" in the Post Tower in Bonn
Gallery Sassen, Bonn (2008 - 2014)
Gallery ArtGermany, Munich (since 2008)
Gallery Carré d'Artistes, Cologne (since 2011)
7UnitedExperiMentals, now 7UG - Ulla Gmeiner:
Development of innovative art materials and tutorials for techniques in experimental painting

2014/15 Development of the "Ulla Gmeiner Collection" object art
Series ::experimental:: exhibition of artistic objects at Juwelier Schmid, Bonn, Friedrichstr. 51

Intensive exhibitions at home and abroad (see detailed list below under exhibitions)

(including New York, Albuquerque, Stockholm, Paris, Bologna, Seoul, Istanbul, Beijing,
Bonn: Post Tower, Artists’ Forum, Redoute, Uniclub, Women's Museum, Bonn Theater, etc).

Book cover/illustrations by Hachette/Paris

Lecturer for seminars/workshops on experimental painting

Company workshops on experimental painting: creative teamwork/art coaching

Numerous publications in art magazines: including a cover story and interview in Arts & Graphics Magazine

Permanent representation in the gallery Carré d'Artistes, Breite Straße 153, 50667 Cologne

After graduating from high school, Ulla Gmeiner studied singing, piano and conducting in Stuttgart and Basel. She is a member of the Collegium Vocale Gent/Paris and has been an opera singer at the Theatre Bonn since 1999.


Multipage interview and cover story of the magazine “Arts & Graphic Magazine”:
"In the studio with Ulla Gmeiner"

Cover story of the magazine "National Poetry", California

Publication of several works in the book new textile art, publisher Zeixs

Publication of a multi-part DVD series with workshops on "Experimental Painting", available at Amazon, Boesner, Gerstaecker